Heya everyone !

I’m back, after two years without posting, I know.

Things have been hard, balacing life, work, relationships, sleeping time (lol), doing cardio (lol too), learning to make music, improving game dev etc


I woke up this morning, and went through the Steamworks registration.

Then I attempted to fullfil paperworks in order to have the legal status in France to sell games. Every step I made, there’s a new step to do.

Legal status. Bank accounts. Identity verification. Phone calls. Contracts to read, to write, to sign. Not the funniest part, but for a reason it feels right, almost good. Things are moving forward, I see where I’m going.

Fullfilling my life-time dream of being an indie maker.

After a full day doing papers and sending requests, I still have 50% of legal-related-things to do, but in the meantime I just have to wait for confirmations, so it’s ok. In two days, I’m calling my bank and sending the rest of paperworks, that should be good.

But while doing this, I just keep thinking “will I have enough time to finish this first game I want to sell ?”

As you may know, I’ve been working for a while on a big game, that was the one I wanted to sell first. But it’s not finished, and I don’t want to rush it. So, it is what is it. I’ll sell a tiny game first, just to see everything, like how does it work for start to finish, from New file to “money incoming”.

I don’t expect to get large amount or anything, but the whole thing becoming more real everyday is… I don’t know. Good. It feels right. 🙂

So, that was just like a blog post with my thoughts, I still have a lot to do, and will talk about the game itself in the next post.

From now, I still have to met a few people tonight in order to discuss future and actual collaboration (models, character designer, weapon designer, game dev, music maker etc).

Oh and I also wanted to make a french video tutorial about unity, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do it. Still thinks it’ll bring more people to my (almost non-existant) youtube channel, and then to my (future) steam page.

Well we’ll see ! Take care everyone, don’t lose hope, see you real soon !